Emergency Bridal Kit


Eleven years ago when I began planning our wedding I made a fabulous decision… I hired a Denver based wedding coordinator.  She was so much more than a wedding planner but much more like “my same age” fairy God Mother!  The best part is that we are best friends to this day 11 years later!  The second blessing of this decision the has been her mentorship and everything she has poured into me over the years. I wanted to share something so easy to do, not mention thoughtful and will cover all the bases in a bridal emergency.

On the morning of my wedding @tcmuseevents showed up with a “bridal 911 kit”.  I was so tickled because it was so thoughtful just like she always is but not exactly sure what it was or what was inside until I opened it… Glory Hallelujah!!!  It was a bride’s dream. In fact, I think this was the first time I took a deep breath since starting to plan the wedding. This emergency kit had every possible gadet in it in case something went wrong!  It was not only brilliant but a dream come true... sewing kit- in case the dress needs emergency mending, deodorant sponge removers, Downey Wrinkle Release for clothes that have become tragically wrinkled afeter being packed in a suitcase.  You get the idea, the list went on forever and was endless! I couldn’t have thought of one thing that could gone wrong that couldn’t have been solved with "the kit”!  What a God send not to mention a BRILLIANT idea.

I was so touched by the kit that I have adopted this form of bridal gift giving!!!! I’m on a plane to St. Petersburg, FL with my 911 kit for her in tow!  The memories for why the kit are needed are the best of all! 

Now, just so you know, I do take my kit on every trip.  It does cost me 10 lbs but I would rather have the feeling that I’m prepared.  It’s a personal preference as we know… 
What has been something unique and special that you’ve done or given to a bride in your life?

Life Showed Up


When I announced that KeelyStyle.com was making a comeback I wasn’t expecting the responses I began to receive…so many of you have reached out with kind words and I have to mention the people that have reached out due to concern.  Thank you all for your support past, PRESENT, and future. You have no idea how deeply it touches me! I thought since I did receive so many heartfelt questions that I would tell you a bit as to as how and why I fell off the planet, and no, it’s not because the earth is flat.

The first reason KeelyStyle became number 2 vs. 1 was because I was presented with an amazing business opportunity in the network marketing industry. I would've been silly not to run with it and I’m so glad I did. I have always been terrible at sales but I loved and believed in this specific product with all of my heart.  I naturally started telling people about it and they told others and those people turned around and did the exact same thing. It was literally like watching a wildfire in action. This business and the team we built has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I am forever a believer in the Relationship Marketing industry because I have seen and experienced it work over and over again.  I learned many lessons and gained the friends for a lifetime. The only con was that this opportunity grew so quickly and so massively that I had to take a step back from my passion, KeelyStyle.

The next challenge to juggle came when my husband and I decided we wanted to have another child. It turned out that I had “missed my window” and this process that once came so natural to us would take us on a very different, difficult path.  WE had a long IVF road and I delivered 6 weeks early to a healthy baby girl. We took our precious gift home from the hospital but something was wrong, something was missing, it was me!!! I had severe postpartum. I experienced it with my first daughter, Kinsley, as well but this was much more deep, dark feeling that ripped through me on an hourly basis causing deep emotional wounds to form. My husband didn’t understand and just kept begging for me to get back to normal… I understand that feeling and confusion he experienced.  The baby cried for 22 hours a day so things were intense at The United Nations’ household. I used many resources and the dust began to settle and so did my heart, mind and corresponding emotions…. Many women struggle with postpartum and the struggle is real. Please do anything and everything you can to support your new moms as they may be crying out for help and don’t know how to ask because the expectation of moms is that we have “it all together, all the time”. How lovely that sounds but it’s just not the case nor should it be expected.

Lastly, one year ago, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare red blood cell lymphoma.  The care team at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center wanted to move quickly and aggressively because the cancer was doing the same. The Sunday evening before we would start 8 intensive rounds of chemo therapy, it was put on my heart to post our story on Facebook. I decided that we could find resources in this dark, uncertain time and also be the light and possibly a positive resource for others’ with our story. So I posted…. You will never believe what happened next.  God began to move mountains. Our former nanny called me and told me that her mom was also diagnosed with the exact same lymphoma and was admitted to the world’s leading lymphoma center at the prestigious MD Anderson in Houston. She gave us a contact and told us to call. That Monday I canceled all of our current scheduled treatments with Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and we were to fly to MD Anderson one week later to be interviewed for a study currently undergoing.

We arrived in Houston, met with Dr. Wang and were accepted into the study as the 100th patient out of 100.  TEARS of JOY as you can only imagine!!!! One year later, my husband is cancer free and thriving. This study is nothing but a miracle and what we believe to be the cure for this rare Mantle Cell Lymphoma. My husband has many more precious years and quality of life to spend with our two daughters and all glory be to God.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update.  YOU inspire me and I missed KeelyStyle on a daily bass. It not only feels good to be back but it’s time.

Be your best YOU,



My Story


A recent surprise message on Facebook contained an apology from a classmate from middle school. He had teased me, and his note contained an apology for the things he had said, and a hope that I had forgotten them. Appreciating his note, the reality is that the things he said and the way they impacted me are something I can never forget. Back then he told me that I was the ugliest girl in school and no one wanted to by my boyfriend, he didn’t realize how painfully aware I already had been of my “ugly duckling” phase. I was also teased for the way I dressed, my shyness and the lack of self-confidence I possessed did not help. Some of the pain that stemmed from these comments was the realization that others saw it, too. I would’ve given anything to be one of the “pretty” girls with the “cute” clothes and that amazing confidence. I hated myself for not being that girl.

This unexpected message inspired an incredible sense of empowerment, rather than one of sadness. From this, I had an incredible “ah ha” moment as to how I landed where I am in my life, loving what I do. Being a stylist is about that sense of empowerment, helping women understand what makes them beautiful and inspiring self-confidence through an expression of that beauty in both style and presence. Remembering where I came from, my own path to discovery and how my life has been changed has led me to this exact purposeful place. Now on the other side of the self-image battle, I’m helping other women bridge the gap to become who they truly desire to be.

Going back to those days growing up, most would be surprised on how that ugly duckling’s life changed. In 1998 I was crowned Miss Colorado and confidently walked the Miss America stage. I won the crown of Miss Colorado, USA 2002 and completed Miss USA pageant. That dorky, shy girl, with no style and no confidence had developed a sense of self, of style and the confidence to not only enter competitions, but to win them! Following these accomplishments I was scouted by one of Denver’s top modeling agencies which helped me build my portfolio and work as a model.

These achievements and the experiences along the way were such incredible turning points in my life. The importance of believing in myself was obvious; and that building confidence and style, so that I looked my best, resulted in others taking me more seriously. The simple truth is that if you look your best on the outside your inside shines through more brightly and confidence is born and nurtured.

I started my business because of a love of fashion, a passion for people and an inherent ability to connect with others. As I started on this journey I realized the powerful impact I could have with women who were lost along that same path I had already traveled. Being a personal stylist allows me to develop that “best” on the outside, and we inevitably learn more about the inside along the way.

No matter the stage in life, every woman deserves a friend and stylist to help them bring that inner beauty out into the look they have always dreamed of, but haven’t been able to create. Without my own transformation process, I would not be where I am today. I know I can help others bridge that same gap; opening doors and possibilities for women both personally and professionally is the profound impact that can and will occur. Feeling strong, powerful and beautiful is a limitless opportunity for all women. It will change your life forever.



Welcome back! If you've been following me for a while now, thank you for your loyalty and patience. Keely Style has been on a back burner as my life has been a bit crazy. But, I couldn't stay away from this for too long. As the years have passed, I've learned and grown more than I could imagine. I'm ready to put my heart and soul into giving you guys fresh content so you can conquer and take control of your world. Stay tuned for more to come.