How I Can Help

A recent surprise message on Facebook contained an apology from a classmate from middle school.  He had teased me and his note contained an apology for the things he had said, and a hope that I had forgotten them. Appreciating his note, the reality is that the things he said and the way they impacted me are something I can never forget. Back then he told me that I was the ugliest girl in school and no one wanted to be my boyfriend. He didn’t realize how painfully aware I already had been of my “ugly duckling” phase. Some of the pain that stemmed from these comments was the realization that others saw it too. I would’ve given anything to be one of the “pretty” girls. I hated myself for not being that girl.

This unexpected message inspired an incredible sense of empowerment.  From this, I had an incredible “ah ha” moment. Being a stylist is about that sense of SELF; helping women understand what makes them beautiful and inspiring self-confidence in both style and presence. Now on the other side of the self-image battle, I’m helping other women bridge the gap to become who they truly desire to be.

I started my business because of a love for individual style, a passion for people, and my inherent ability to connect the two. Being a personal stylist allows me to develop that “best” on the outside, and we inevitably learn more about the inside along the way.  

Feeling strong, powerful, and beautiful is a limitless opportunity from within. This transformation will be true to you forever.

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