My Story


A recent surprise message on Facebook contained an apology from a classmate from middle school. He had teased me, and his note contained an apology for the things he had said, and a hope that I had forgotten them. Appreciating his note, the reality is that the things he said and the way they impacted me are something I can never forget. Back then he told me that I was the ugliest girl in school and no one wanted to by my boyfriend, he didn’t realize how painfully aware I already had been of my “ugly duckling” phase. I was also teased for the way I dressed, my shyness and the lack of self-confidence I possessed did not help. Some of the pain that stemmed from these comments was the realization that others saw it, too. I would’ve given anything to be one of the “pretty” girls with the “cute” clothes and that amazing confidence. I hated myself for not being that girl.

This unexpected message inspired an incredible sense of empowerment, rather than one of sadness. From this, I had an incredible “ah ha” moment as to how I landed where I am in my life, loving what I do. Being a stylist is about that sense of empowerment, helping women understand what makes them beautiful and inspiring self-confidence through an expression of that beauty in both style and presence. Remembering where I came from, my own path to discovery and how my life has been changed has led me to this exact purposeful place. Now on the other side of the self-image battle, I’m helping other women bridge the gap to become who they truly desire to be.

Going back to those days growing up, most would be surprised on how that ugly duckling’s life changed. In 1998 I was crowned Miss Colorado and confidently walked the Miss America stage. I won the crown of Miss Colorado, USA 2002 and completed Miss USA pageant. That dorky, shy girl, with no style and no confidence had developed a sense of self, of style and the confidence to not only enter competitions, but to win them! Following these accomplishments I was scouted by one of Denver’s top modeling agencies which helped me build my portfolio and work as a model.

These achievements and the experiences along the way were such incredible turning points in my life. The importance of believing in myself was obvious; and that building confidence and style, so that I looked my best, resulted in others taking me more seriously. The simple truth is that if you look your best on the outside your inside shines through more brightly and confidence is born and nurtured.

I started my business because of a love of fashion, a passion for people and an inherent ability to connect with others. As I started on this journey I realized the powerful impact I could have with women who were lost along that same path I had already traveled. Being a personal stylist allows me to develop that “best” on the outside, and we inevitably learn more about the inside along the way.

No matter the stage in life, every woman deserves a friend and stylist to help them bring that inner beauty out into the look they have always dreamed of, but haven’t been able to create. Without my own transformation process, I would not be where I am today. I know I can help others bridge that same gap; opening doors and possibilities for women both personally and professionally is the profound impact that can and will occur. Feeling strong, powerful and beautiful is a limitless opportunity for all women. It will change your life forever.


Keely NationsMe