Emergency Bridal Kit


Eleven years ago when I began planning our wedding I made a fabulous decision… I hired a Denver based wedding coordinator.  She was so much more than a wedding planner but much more like “my same age” fairy God Mother!  The best part is that we are best friends to this day 11 years later!  The second blessing of this decision the has been her mentorship and everything she has poured into me over the years. I wanted to share something so easy to do, not mention thoughtful and will cover all the bases in a bridal emergency.

On the morning of my wedding @tcmuseevents showed up with a “bridal 911 kit”.  I was so tickled because it was so thoughtful just like she always is but not exactly sure what it was or what was inside until I opened it… Glory Hallelujah!!!  It was a bride’s dream. In fact, I think this was the first time I took a deep breath since starting to plan the wedding. This emergency kit had every possible gadet in it in case something went wrong!  It was not only brilliant but a dream come true... sewing kit- in case the dress needs emergency mending, deodorant sponge removers, Downey Wrinkle Release for clothes that have become tragically wrinkled afeter being packed in a suitcase.  You get the idea, the list went on forever and was endless! I couldn’t have thought of one thing that could gone wrong that couldn’t have been solved with "the kit”!  What a God send not to mention a BRILLIANT idea.

I was so touched by the kit that I have adopted this form of bridal gift giving!!!! I’m on a plane to St. Petersburg, FL with my 911 kit for her in tow!  The memories for why the kit are needed are the best of all! 

Now, just so you know, I do take my kit on every trip.  It does cost me 10 lbs but I would rather have the feeling that I’m prepared.  It’s a personal preference as we know… 
What has been something unique and special that you’ve done or given to a bride in your life?

Keely NationsBeauty