The Truth About Weight Loss

I know so many of you can relate with what I’m about to tell you… and it makes us all so real! I’ve been in a deep funk and experiencing depression for several weeks. This is NOT typical for me because I’m a big believer in the motion changes emotion like Tony Robbins quotes. I believe in choosing to be happy versus for waiting for things and milestones to bring you happiness.

Regardless of my beliefs, nothing was pulling me out of this… until I had an idea! I am an enthusiast of personal development and specifically a huge Tony Robbins fan. I remembered that I had bought an event ticket to see him speak live in New Jersey and it was coming up soon. I had work to do and because of my passion and interest I was able to rally. I have been working in the phone app to prepare for the event by listening to hours of content and taking notes. This got me out of my own head, my own thoughts, and problems. Listening to personal development I was quickly reminded that this world and the others in it are so much bigger than me. It helped me change my perspective as well as my thoughts and mood. I am officially in a better place. This is an example of why it’s so powerful to be working in a job/ career that you are passionate about.  This is exactly why I am my own boss.

I will keep you posted on what I find to be important content from my preparation for the Tony Robbins event but will not inundate you. I will also be posting about the event because it’s known in the industry as a game changer so as you can imagine, I’m very curious.

The other element that was fueled inside me was that I’ve set the stage with a weight loss goal.  Through the depression I put on some extra weight which I embrace but again to be candid I lose some of “me” when I don’t feel like my best self.  Through the depression I could’ve cared less but now I’m fired up with passion and desire for excellence and meeting my “best self” goal. I have a clear mapped out plan as well as the resources I need to execute my plan. I’m jazzed!!

Do any of you share this personal development journey or weight loss goal along with me? I’d love to hear more!

Thank you for giving me a platform to be real and share my ups as well as downs with you. I invite you to do the same!



Keely NationsMe