Best Jeans for Your Body and How to Find Them!

Jeans have always been a girl's best friend, this season they are much more than that because there are so many fun options to choose from. This season we are seeing metallic, pattern, bright solid, jewel tones, as well as different fits. The key is always in the fit no matter what style of jean you choose to rock. Follow these tips specific for your figure to know what jeans are most flattering on you. 

Boyish- look for a jean that sits on your hips, slouchy jean that play up your lean frame (i.e. boyfriend jean) or my personal favorite, waist-ed flares with platform shoes. These will elongate your legs and add curves to your boyish figure. Remember the higher the waist line; the shapelier you will look.
Curvy - shop for a mid rise boot cut, to balance wider hips and thighs. If you are in the mood to show off your curves go for a pair of skinnies with sky high heels. 
Petite - the trick with petite frames is keeping your body in proportion. Highlight your small frame in cropped skinnies or for a more relaxed vibe; roll up a straight leg jean. 
How to Find the Perfect Jean
1. Know your build and what areas you want to play up. Trouser cut or straight leg jeans with flat fronts, slim your mid section. Straight leg or boot cut jeans will also add shape to skinny legs. Wide leg or boot cut jeans balance out wide hips and thighs. High rise flares flatter natural curves or can fake them. 
2. Check out all angles. When shopping for jeans it is helpful if the dressing room has multiple mirrors to provide views of every angle so that you know what the jean truly looks like. Keep in mind that rear pockets that are small are going to make your butt appear bigger than it really is. Back pockets with flaps, like Hudson's are so flattering on girls that want to add volume in their rear region. If you are trying to achieve a shapelier bum, small rear pockets are your best friend. If you are trying to detract attention from that area, look for medium size pockets and steer clear of any light color stitching or detailing. To avoid the flat oopma loompa look, make sure jeans center seam is snug enough to define both cheeks. Be careful at the same time to avoid hungry butt. 
3. Buy the right size. Keep in mind that all jeans stretch overtime, so you will want them on the snug time. Having to ask the fitting room attendant to fit into them is a whole other story.
4. Dressing room test. Walk around and make sure the waistband doesn't slide down, bend down and touch your toes to make sure the waistband stays in place, and sit down to make sure the waistband does not pinch your stomach. If you have found a perfect fit, but the only thing off is the waistband, remember you can easily have that tailored, making them the perfect jean for you. 
5. How low can you go? This may the goal in the limbo, but not when purchasing jeans. Please steer clear of purchasing jeans with a top button any lower than 3 inches below your navel. Keep in mind also that low waist jeans with turn even the tiniest bit of skin into a fully fledged muffin top. 
6. When you have found the perfect jean, buy two pairs - have one altered for your favorite pair of heels and the other pair altered for flats.